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0 to 1 in hardware product development | nyc #techweek

Hosted by michael & 3 others
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come join nyc hardware meetup during #techweek to celebrate design and hardware.

we'll have food + drink at newlab, a multi-disciplinary space for deep tech builders.

we have a great group of guest speakers

  • Lucas is a partner and head of product at DorisDev a product design and development firm with offices in NYC and Hong Kong. With a background is design engineering he has development and brought to market over 100 products from pots and pans to IOT devices. Beyond DorisDev Lucas is the co-founder of Canopy a multi-channel wellness device brand and a Factored Quality the "flexport of QC" 

  • jen chiang, co-founder and ceo and lance norman, co-founder and cto of opal. at opal, they believe everyone has the right to feel safe and secure. their vision is to create a safer world through technology - starting with our smart ring that can silently contact 911 and emergency contacts.

  • Max Schuetz is the Co-Founder and COO of Kisi. Kisi provides access systems to create a secure future where spaces are connected and accessible without boundaries. Kisi's vision is to connect people and spaces. 

thank you to our partners for helping make this possible

  • informal is a freelance collective for the best independent professionals in hardware and manufacturing. Whether a client is looking for a single contractor, a full time employee, or an entire team of professionals to work on everything from product development to go-to-market, informal has the right collection of people for the job. With projects as varied as 3D printers to electric vehicles, informal members work with companies at every scale to design, manufacture, and ship physical products.

  • newlab was founded to address significant societal needs by scaling and commercializing emerging technologies and companies. today, newlab includes more than 900 entrepreneurs, partnerships with forward-thinking corporate and civic entities, and the support of domain experts—all working together to scale frontier technologies.

  • Onshape, a PTC business, is a professional product design platform with full-featured CAD, rendering, simulation, CAM (coming soon!), built-in PDM, and enterprise analytics in a single cloud-native system. The powerful design tool is similar to google docs, where you can simultaneously collaborate with global teams, access it on any browser or device, and it requires no downloads. Onshape just launched their Startup Program where they are offering FREE professional licenses to those that qualify. Apply here:!

this event is a part of #techweek - a week of events hosted to bring together the tech ecosystem.”