Cover Image for QLC x Arlo: Summer Friday
Cover Image for QLC x Arlo: Summer Friday

QLC x Arlo: Summer Friday

Hosted by Quarter Life Club
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What's Quarter Life Club?

​​Quarter Life Club connects people (mid-twenties to early-thirties) through casual meetups and an online community. Each month we meet with a different theme: this time, we're toasting to Summer Fridays at Arlo Hotel's Living Room in Soho. Join alone or with friends, and come in the mood to meet people.


What should I expect?

  1. Check in with the Quarter Life host between 7:30-8PM. Check in closes at 8PM - kindly arrive on time.

  2. Put on a name tag.

  3. Receive a complimentary glass of champagne.

  4. Mingle and explore the hotel's first floor, including Foxtail, Arlo's speakeasy. Drinks & food available to purchase.

What to wear: We're drinking champagne on Friday in Soho. It's golden hour, and there's a speakeasy attached to the Living Room... so pretty sexy. Think what you'd wear to an elevated cocktail bar.

​​Should I become a Quarter Life member?

​​You don't have to, but we obviously recommend it to stay connected with QLC members, receive support throughout your 20s/early 30s and access insane discounts. For example, members save up to 40% off their stay at any Arlo Hotels location.

Check out the member portal preview here.

Follow @qtrlifeclub on Instagram to get a feel for things.

Refund policy

If you’re not able to make it, click “cancel your registration.” Tickets canceled 48 hours before the event will be refunded. We appreciate you letting us know as we can have a waitlist!

If something comes up last minute and you’re not able to make it, a friend can use your ticket on your behalf. Click "contact the host" to give us a heads up who is taking your ticket.

^ meet here in the Living Room

Arlo SoHo
231 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013, USA