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Cover Image for Get WEIRD to Plan Your Career Workshop
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Get WEIRD to Plan Your Career Workshop

Hosted by Tech Ladies
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About the event:

In this 90-minute live workshop, based on Cee Reel's WEIRD process, you'll learn to plan for your next promotion, job or industry change, or side hustle launch in line with your energy, authenticity and values. You may recognize Cee from our Empowered Career Storytelling event about telling your connecting the dots in your non-linear career journey. Now, it’s time to take action steps to create a career you love! Empowered Career Storytelling is not a prerequisite; whether you attended that event or not, there will be valuable takeaways for you in this workshop.

Event materials will be distributed to registrants after the event. However, as the conversations that will take place during this live coaching event may be sensitive, to help foster a safe environment, this event will not be recorded. Please register if you know you are able to attend live and contact if your plans change and you are no longer able to attend once you’ve registered.

How you’ll move through the WEIRD process in this workshop:

Want to Change: What’s blocking you from moving toward your desired outcome full force? Learn to identify and address hidden blockers and make a plan of action.

Educate on Solutions: Discover the details of what's possible within your plan and gather the energy, motivation and support you need to make it happen.

Ideate and Implement: Create a test or experiment that takes you closer to your desired outcome and track how it feels.

Reflect and Refine: Know what to do when outcomes differ from expectations.

Deliver on Your Dream: Clarify your vision to set your optimal path to success. 

Each step will be accompanied by an actionable exercise and a chance to complete the exercise live 1:1 with Cee! Bring your curiosity and playfulness and you might surprise yourself!

In just 90 minutes, you’ll gain:

- Clarity and motivation to plan the best next step for you in your career

- Understanding and application of both Cee’s WEIRD process and her foundational Modify, Measure, Meditate toolkit

- New connections and friends to support you on your journey, as this workshop is designed to build community

- A renewed connection to your weirdness and what makes you unique and awesome!


Live auto-generated Zoom captions will be available during the event. Please contact with any additional accessibility needs by Wednesday, July 8th.

Accessible pricing:

Healing and growth should never be paywalled. We’re offering discount codes for 50% (use code GETWEIRD50) or 100% off (use code GETWEIRD100) for folks who need it, no questions asked. We’re offering this in line with the business values of Tech Ladies and Cultivate Your Weirdness to provide access to all, not because our businesses do not also need the income. Please pay full price as you are able but do not hesitate to use a discount code if the full price limits your access.

Accessibility pricing inspired and modeled by Cody Cook Parrott via Bear Hebert, and countless other values-driven entrepreneurs creating a kinder business world.

About the speaker:

Cee Reel is a design generalist and authenticity coach who helps both brands and leaders tell their stories in a genuine and playful way. In a business world where authenticity and genuine human connection are rare elements, Cee helps creatives, multipotentialites and anyone who feels too weird for the traditional workplace learn to recognize and value themselves as pure gold.

Hosted By
29 Going