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Fab Friday Field Trip NYC {March IRL}



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Event Information

🗽 IRL in NYC

This event's FAB FRIDAY will a trip to shoot photos & videos at the Wonderland Dreams hand-painted interactive art exhibit in Midtown {Manhattan}. You'll get to mingle with creative freelancers, solopreneurs, business owners, and marketing professionals while making some boss babe content together.

🎨 Art Exhibit

Wonderland Dreams by Alexa Meade brings to life the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in Alexa's hand-painted immersive exhibit. Every inch of Wonderland Dreams is hand-painted using Alexa Meade’s signature painting style which makes the world appear to be a 2D work of art. It allows for a new way of experiencing a painting — by walking inside of it and becoming part of the art.

📸 Content Creation

We’ve brought on video editing experts Gina & Tres of Wave Enterprise Co to make each guest a reel using the footage captured during the event. Your event payment covers the payment to Wave, exhibit ticket + fees, and a lil In Creative Co extra. In exchange, each attendee will receive:

  • A folder full of everyone's raw footage

  • 1 polished Reel of the whole event (all attendees together)

  • 1 polished Reel of just you

  • Direct contact with Wave Enterprise Co to pay for more edits

Dress to impress and don’t be shy about bringing your selfie stick or tripod because we’re meeting in a UNIQUE INSTAGRAMMABLE LOCATION.

Feeling too old to make a Reel? Unsure of what type of content to share? We’ll coach you through this. Marketing yourself is so important these days.

​📈 Event Value

As an attendee of 'Fab Friday Field Trip NYC' you should feel connected to other local creators, business owners, and marketing leads. You'll get inspired to make content together and leave with a batch of photos and videos to market yourself.

⏱️ Timing

  • 3:45pm - Gather outside

  • 4:00pm - Enter exhibit together (our ticket's entry time)

  • 6:00pm - Say goodbyes

Please contact the In Creative Co-founders Yelle and Drea directly with any questions, [email protected]

Tickets are non-refundable.

📸 Previous Field Trips

529 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017, USA
The exhibit is called Wonderland Dreams by Alexa Meade