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Day 1: Hiring and Being Hired - hosted by Propel & M13

We're excited to start our event series off with a day focused on job searchers.

Dylan Gans, Co-founder of Baton
Savina Hawkins, Founder of Altis
Coleman Oates, Co-founder of Quinn

Companies they're building

Baton: Baton is angling to be the Zillow for SMB acquisitions by helping business owners prepare for exits and empowering buyers to make acquisitions.

AltisAltis is on a mission to build a b2b, privacy-minded, ML-enabled web platform so every organization can effortlessly learn through having conversations with the community they serve.

Today, learning from talking with representatives of a community is a manual, expertise-heavy, time-intensive, people-powered process. So our mission is to use modern technology to automate the expertise or labor-intensive parts of the process.

QuinnQuinn finds ways to save you time and keep you focused.

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