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UPA Privacy Summit @ BUIDLweek

Hosted by Oasis Network
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About Event

The Universal Privacy Alliance seeks to advance the understanding of privacy as the very basis of free and flourishing digital societies. Join the UPA Privacy Summit during ETHDenver’s #BUIDLWEEK on February 27, 2023 at 9AM MT to hear from industry experts on the most pressing privacy discussions. Seating is limited to 150 attendees- register below to secure your spot! 

Special guest speakers: Juan Benet (IPFS/Protocol Labs/Filecoin Protocol), Zooko (Zcash)


  • Arrival and welcome - Michelle Lai

  • Opening keynote - Juan Benet (IPFS/Protocol Labs/Filecoin Protocol)

  • Introduction: Unpacking UPA - Michelle Lai

  • Panel Talk: How to build with privacy first and make privacy scalable - Chris Beck, Principal Engineer at Mobilecoin; Bruno Lulinski, Ecosystem Partnerships at Aztec; Linda Lu Head of Ecosystem at Oasis Network; Kenny Li, Core Contributor at Manta Network; Travis Cannell, Head of Product at Orchid; Moderator: Michelle Lai

  • Panel Talk: How to beat surveillance capitalism and reclaim your privacy - Dr. Steven Waterhouse, CEO and co-founder of Orchid Labs; Josh Swihart, SVP Growth, Product Strategy and Regulatory Affairs at Electric Coin Co.; Guy Zyskind, CEO at SCRT Labs; Ahmed Ghappour, GC at Nym; Moderator: Candice Teo (Nym)

  • Keynote: Building with ZKPs: We’ve only just begun - Zooko Wilcox, CEO at Electric Coin Co.

    • Builders are still in the early stages of considering zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) and how they can be used for privacy, scalability, security, identity, and equal access. Zooko Wilcox, CEO and founder of Electric Coin Co., offers an overview of ZKPs, their limitations, and a view of what’s possible with the advancements in Halo, a ZKP upgrade that removes the need for a trusted setup and allows recursive proofs

  • Panel Talk: Beyond ZK: The emergence of new cryptographic solutions and potential effects on web3 - Guy Zyskind, CEO at SCRT Labs; Nick Hynes, Tech Lead at Oasis Network; Andrew Miller IC3 & Honey Badger Cooperation Lab; Moderator: Kenny Li (Manta)

  • Private Infura - Chris Beck, Principal Engineer at MobileCoin; Moderator: William Wendt (Oasis)

  • Keynote: Criminal cases in the ecosystem - How can developers protect themselves and adhere to regulations? - Ahmed Ghappour, GC at Nym.

Hosted by: Electric Coin Co. (Zcash), Oasis Protocol, Orchid Network, Aztec Protocol, Manta Network, MobileCoin, Secret Network and Nym.