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ACT Dental U Master Class with Dr. Rebecca Bockow on May 20th - The Transverse Dimension, What Is It and Why Do We Care About It?



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Master Class Learning Objectives

  • Why do we care about the transverse dimension?

  • How do we diagnose it?

  • What are treatment modalities for correcting a transverse discrepancy and are they different for different ages?

Course Summary

  • The transverse dimension is an often overlooked yet key aspect to overall diagnosis and treatment planning. Correction of the transverse dimension helps ensure periodontal health, a well-fitting occlusal scheme, and is key to proper airway health. This course will review ways we diagnose the transverse dimension. We will discuss treatment options for different age groups, including early intervention, treatment of growing patients, and both surgical and non-surgical options for skeletally mature patients. 

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