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Cover Image for AI Crawl - Multiagents Edition
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AI Crawl - Multiagents Edition

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Warszawa, Województwo mazowieckie
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About Event

Technical Discussions; Short Pitches; Beer; Networking

Topic of the night: Multiagents.


  • 17:00 Doors open

  • 18:00 Pitches + Q&A

    • Jan Wilczyński - CVO @ Algopoetica with "The meaning of life, governance, and power distribution in a world shaped by new forms of artificial life. And a few thoughts on how to build it."

    • Jan Kwapisz - CTO @ Omniviser with „Multiagents: Microservice for AI in production, a.k.a. Test before you chat.”

    • Zbigniew Łukasiak - Angel Investor with LLMEasyTools for agents.

    • Dariusz Semba with „Beyond Devin: AI Agents in Software Development"

    • Szymon Stawski with "AI Agents applied to AIOps - how agents can help on-call Engineers."

    • Tomasz Kolinko - Founder of Effort Engine with Knowledge management when building an agent

    • Filip Jakubowski-Drzewiecki - CTO Koia Consulting with Agents Exploring Corporate Data

    • Tymon Dubowski & Piotr Okniński from University of Warsaw with their Research Pitches!

  • 19:30/20 - 22:00 Drink your beer and mingle

Brought to you by Masovian AI Fest

This is the time for all of us to get nerdy.

Many say that the next big thing in AI is autonomous agents. If you think about it, almost all forecasts of what AI is about to change can be attributed to agents.

Simply put, imagine the automation of human work. One by one. This is what agents are about. Easy to say, harder to imagine, and even harder to implement. But that’s why we should meet—to talk about the imminent and rapidly coming future and how to build it.

Join us for an evening where tech enthusiasts, business leaders, and AI aficionados converge to explore the power and potential of multi-agent architectures. 

Tech people - come and show us your architecture, inspire with the vision.

Business people - listen to how we can solve real-life issues using multiple AI agents at once.

Ticket price: 50PLN for the venue and event management.

Sign up to pitch via the dedicated registration option. (Presenters receive a free entrance)

​Cocktails and AI

​Join us for an evening of leisure, knowledge exchange, and some startup tourism!

​For the evening of June 18th we're opening the entire venue's floor to promote your projects and see what others are working on.

​BYOL - Bring Your Own Laptop

​Working on something? Got PoC, MVP, or a ready product? Come and show us! Come with your rig, set up on one of the tables, and show the world your doing!

​Let us know if you want to promote your idea

​Fill out the form at the registration to let us know about the project you're coming to us with! We'll use our socials to promote your idea and save a spot in the venue.

​It's not only about business

​This evening is not to be taken too seriously! Sure, promote yourself AF. Feedback each other AF. But don't forget to simply grab a drink and enjoy the community of likeminded people.

Event Partners:

Our host: Warsaw Enterprise Institute

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Warszawa, Województwo mazowieckie
Avatar for Warsaw AI/Tech Events
The curated list of AI & tech events in the capital of Poland. // Brought to you by Michal Domanski
39 Going