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2024 Matzah Making with Rabbi Brian

Hosted by Rabbi Brian
This is a multi-session event. Please choose the sessions you would like to register for.
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In 1503, in Northern Spain, just like she did the year before, Angelina de Leon kneaded dough of flour, eggs, olive oil and flavored it with pepper and honey. She flattened small cakes and pricked them with a fork so they wouldn’t rise. Everything was like it was the year before. Angelina wondered for how many more years would she have to do this in secret. Celebrating Passover was against the law.

Her preparations were seen by her maid, Maria Sancho, who testified this matter to the Inquisition. Angelina and her family were found out to be secret Jews.

$36 Suggested Donation

Let's make this recipe of freedom together!


Two sessions:

4/2/2023 • 10am PT start
4/2/2023 • 2pm PT start


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