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Cover Image for Latinas In Tech Denver presents: Jefas Con Carreras
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✨ Our mission is to connect, support, and empower Latina women working in technology within our Denver community. ✨
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Latinas In Tech Denver presents: Jefas Con Carreras

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​✨ We're back with a virtual webinar! In this edition, we'll meet a few incredible Jefas Con Carreras who will share their experiences from building their careers as entrepreneurs, designers, and business strategists. This will be a virtual event so bring your beverage of choice, invite an amiga, and tune in to hear the stories of these amazing Latina leaders and how you can build the career of your dreams. ✨

*We are proud to share that every speaker for this event was directly sourced from our existing Latinas In Tech Denver community. Our chapter fully believes in creating a platform for all members to build their network, skill set, and public speaking goals.

Meet Our Moderator:

  • Jaidie Vargas: Chapter Co-Leader, Latinas In Tech Denver and Cybersecurity Leader

    • Jaidie Vargas is a Cyber Systems Security Engineering Manager with Lockheed Martin (LM). Due to her superb technical achievements, she was selected to participate in the LM Fellows’ Top Talent program as a Rising Technical Talent. She has over 11 years of experience covering cybersecurity engineering, network and communications security, cyber intelligence, and military operations. Jaidie served in the U.S. Navy for seven years. 

    • Jaidie takes great joy in improving cybersecurity posture through innovative thinking, community collaboration, and participation in professional societies. She is a strong advocate for veterans and diversifying the STEAM industry; and, participating in various outreach programs within LM, industry, and academia.

    • Within her community, she is a Co-leader for the Latinas in Tech - Denver Chapter and has participated as a panelist in various national conferences such as the STARS National Conference and the Women Impact Tech Conference. She was also featured by the University of Colorado Colorado Springs and TechUp for Women podcast regarding cyber and her journey in the industry.

Meet Our Speakers:

  • Paola Aguiluz: Managing Partner at A|P Consultants

    • Paola Aguiluz is a dynamic professional dedicated to transforming small businesses and driving positive change in the community.

    • As a Managing Partner at A|P Consultants, she leads initiatives to empower minority-owned small businesses by implementing transformative strategies. Drawing from her experiences at industry-leading organizations such as Shell, Apple, and Tesla, Paola brings a wealth of expertise in operations management and strategic planning. Her innovative technical approach helps businesses optimize their operations, enhance efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth in a world typically foreign to most small businesses. 

    • By leveraging techniques learned and constant learning, she equips businesses with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in competitive markets. Outside of her professional endeavors, Paola is an avid advocate for community development and empowerment.

  • Laura Escalante: Founder at My Virtual Edge

    • Laura Escalante, an immigrant from Peru, has over eight years of experience in human services, focusing on operations and program management. After starting her family, Laura recognized the need for a more adaptable career, prompting her to pivot into the tech industry.

    • Confronted with barriers to entry, she founded My Virtual Edge, an administrative support company that facilitated her transition into tech. Currently, she serves as the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Golden Software and continues to lead My Virtual Edge. Laura applies her expertise in behavioral insights to enhance communication and problem-solving within the companies she supports, offering unique perspectives that enrich her leadership and strategic decision-making in the tech sector.

    • Passionate about career development and accessibility, Laura is dedicated to empowering individuals with non-traditional backgrounds, helping them navigate and succeed in the tech industry.

  • Zoey Marroquin: UX/UI Designer & Founder of Inclusively UX LLC

    • Zoey Marroquin (she/hers) is a UX/UI Designer and Founder of Inclusively UX LLC. As a first-generation college student at the University of Southern California, Zoey was set on pursuing a career in the healthcare industry.

    • After experiencing burnout and poor mental health, she decided to pivot and break into the tech industry. Determined to find a job that allowed her to have a work-life balance that prioritized her health and happiness, Zoey completed a UX/UI Design BootCamp with Avocademy and successfully transitioned careers.

    • As a freelance UX/UI Designer, Zoey works with clients across different industries to create seamless digital experiences prioritizing company growth and making the digital world an accessible place for all.

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✨ Our mission is to connect, support, and empower Latina women working in technology within our Denver community. ✨
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