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Building a Customized, High-Performance Chat Engine with 'Council'

Hosted by ChainML
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Looking to build your own generative AI application or get better at it? Join us for an immersive workshop to do just that! We’ll be using, ‘Council’, a new open-source platform for rapidly developing customized generative AI applications using collaborating 'agents'. We’ll walk you through the steps required to build your own tool. Council by ChainML was created by is a team of seasoned data scientists and engineers including Google and Vector Institute alumni and we are committed to the responsible development and use of AI.

In this session, we’ll discuss how to integrate with LLMs like GPT-4, LLaMA 2, and Claude 2, and what to consider for robust and scalable deployment and monitoring. You’ll learn how to create sophisticated AI ‘agents’ and why the agent approach is so powerful. Share your finished application with us and we’ll showcase it in our social channels.

This workshop is for data scientists, ML engineers, and application developers looking to unlock the full potential of generative AI for business applications. We will share the code so you can follow along or try it yourself later. There will be great food, drinks, and swag.

The workshop is limited to 50 guests, please RSVP to save your spot!