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We are MERGING - Let's get to know each other

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Heard the big news? 🤩

The Future of Manufacturing Community and IoT Use Case will become one! Robin put a lot of heart and time into building this network. Quality over Quantity – Engagement over Member scaling – Partnership over Anonymity. 💛

We are very proud and happy to be able to take over this community and to carry the idea forward. 💪🏼📈

What exactly this means for the future (of manufacturing) and to get to know each other, we would like to start this meeting. Very excited to meet y’all!Let’s do it together!

We show the top 3 realized IIoT use cases and their business potentials from the manufacturing environment. In the next step, we are looking forward to bringing the contact persons for the current projects into the community and uniting both worlds 🚀

  1. AB InBev’s “Brewery of the Future” Use Cases (Productivity, Flexibility, Sustainability)

  2. Schaeffler’s “Scalable messaging infrastructure”

  3. Aurubis | Metals for Progress - Use cases from steel production