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TPG Solidity Bootcamp Cohort-2

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About Event

We know that web3 can be a bit overwhelming but we want to offer you hearty congratulations on having successfully taken the first step to cracking the code! ;)

We are excited to help you on your Solidity journey by providing you with a planned weekly study structure, mentorship support, and masterclasses to enhance your web3 knowledge. However, since this is an asynchronous BootCamp(no live sessions except masterclasses), a lot is riding on you to self-study and get through the BootCamp. 

In case of any questions throughout the Bootcamp, please do not hesitate to drop your questions on our Discord or ping me(Gnana Lakshmi). We may not be available at all times to answer, but we will try our best to unblock you as soon as we can.

This would be a 8 week Bootcamp - 5 weeks for learning + 3 weeks for project. There will be various masterclasses throughout the Bootcamp that you can sign up for. There will be scheduled office hours for doubt clearing and ad-hoc support on Discord as well.

Here is some information related to the BootCamp( Please read carefully):

  1. The Bootcamp is a self-study initiative where you will be given content over email every week as well as an associated quiz link that you can attempt every week. We highly encourage peer doubt clearing on Discord or even posting questions on Twitter where you may feel stuck.

  2. You are requested to provide your Eth address on our Discord channel if you are interested to receive NFTs throughout the Bootcamp.

  3. You will be receiving your ClassMarker links for quizzes over email soon. Please follow the links to attempt quizzes throughout the Bootcamp.

  4. We have a private Discord server for you to join, where all the BootCamp-related announcements will be made. The invite is available on our Telegram channel and will be shared with you by email as well.

  5. Here is a BootCamp starter checklist for you to go through and be prepared before Week-0 (October 31st) starts:

P.S: This is the registration form for the upcoming Solidity Bootcamp. You can find the schedule and the topics that would be covered here: ​​
For those who are a part of the bootcamp, there would be incentives to complete the bootcamp based on the grant amount we are able to raise. If you would like to help raise a grant for this, please connect with us on the Telegram group :).