MIDWEEK December 1: Cat Green | Florlilegia and the Last Unicorn

Thu, Dec 2, 12:30 AM - 1:30 AM UTC


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What if we treated all texts as sacred texts? In this practice, we'll read excerpts of the Last Unicorn using the spiritual practice of Florilegia. In Florilegia we find "sparklets," words or phrases that speak to us, and put them in conversation with each other to see what new truth is revealed. By practicing florilegia with others, we gain more insight than we can on our own. This practice allows us to take apart texts and put them back together to craft new meaning.

Cat Green is a program fellow at the Friends House. They were raised Catholic and have stumbled into a sort of agnostic spirituality. They write, play the piano poorly, and enjoy being in deep relationships with their friends and family.

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