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Friends of Bitcoin Nashville

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Nashville, Tennessee
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ABOUT: Friends of Bitcoin is inspired by building on Bitcoin. The revolution doesn't stop at HODLing.

Meet the Friends of Bitcoin- the builders and innovators envisioning the future of Bitcoin as a layered chain utilized by all. 

Hosted by: Rooch, CKBEcoFund, Syscoin, Rootstock & Nervos Foundation

Featured companies:
Rootstock, Stacks, Bitlayer, BOB, BeL2, UTXO Stack, Nervape, ccBTC, Stable++, yala finance, Citrea, Risczero, Bouncebit, Arch Network, Layertwo Labs & world3.


4:00 PM- Doors open- Grab some food and drinks to kick-off the event! ( non-alcoholic drinks will be served prior to the reception)

4:30 PM- Opening Remarks

4:35 PM- The Evolution of Bitcoin- UTXO Management, John Riggins

4:55 PM- East vs West Bitcoin L2 and asset issuance perspectives.
- Stacks Ecosystem, CKBEcoFund, Rooch, & LayerTwo Labs

5:10 PM- RGB++ Layer: The Turing-complete layer for Bitcoin L1- UTXO Stack, Cipher

5:25 PM- L2's, why bother?
- BitLayer, Syscoin, & BeL2

5:50 PM- Building the Native Application Layer for Bitcoin Ecosystem- Rooch, Haichao

6:05 PM- Building on zK Fireside Chat - Citrea & Risc Zero

6:25 PM- Future of Syscoin and Bitcoin Ecosystem

6:35 PM- Do EVM BTC L2's make sense?
- Botanix Labs, BOB, & Arch Network

6:55 PM- BTC vs BTC-issued assets— how important is one compared to the other?
- Stable++, ccBTC, Yala Finance, & Wizz Wallet

7:20 PM- Can Bitcoin compete? (DeFi, NFT etc..)
- Bouncebit, Nervape, & World3

7:45 PM- Scaling Bitcoin with Rootstock. BitVMX and beyond.- Adrian Eidelman - Co-Founder of Rootstock

8:00 PM- Lightning talks- 3-minute talks from builders in the audience! *** FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!!*****

8:30 PM- Reception- Music, Drink, Networking & BBQ!

See you on the other side Friends!

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Nashville, Tennessee
Hosted By
151 Going