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Longevity SF Summer BBQ

Hosted by Christin Glorioso, Nikola Markov & Koen De Lombaert
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The event is at the terrace on the 12th floor. Ring Apt 1017 at the front door to get in the building. Continue through the lobby on your left towards the elevators. If the elevator doesn’t let you up. Please ask the front desk.

Longevity SF is having a rooftop BBQ. This will be potluck style. In the spirit of community, please bring something to share with a few others. This can be something to grill, nosh, or imbibe.

Longevity SF is the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the non-profit, Longevity Global. We host events for our curated community of longevity researchers, investors, and entrepreneurs. These monthly events include research talks, networking events, hikes, and our annual finale event, the Longevity Summit at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. We also connect virtually on Slack. You can apply to join us here.

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