Cover Image for Arweave India Demo Day
Cover Image for Arweave India Demo Day
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Arweave India Demo Day

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Demo Day is the final step on the ArweaveIndia Launchpad journey. This is where the projects showcase the progress made with actual numbers and a full production app/product for potential users, investors, and the Arweave and ao ecosystem.

4 projects and over 3 months of building, mentorship and network building are ready to pitch their products

​​📅 Tuesday, May 28th-Program starts at 8PM IST 10:30AM ET

You're invited to attend & interact with the teams!

Arweave India
A platform to grow and incubate the community of ao and arweave builders in India. We have fostered a community through a series of activation events and programs mainly debriefs, bootcamps, our flagship hacker house and launchpad.

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