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About Event

Low-key check-in group for independent architectural workers

Chill meet-up intended for architectural workers who are doing their own projects of any kind, whether loosely or not at all connected to companies universities organizations. Ideally the first of a regular series of informal meet-ups that extend beyond the conference to give independent workers the chance to discuss the content and process of their work, to receive support and encouragement, to ask questions of each other, and to share resources (read: funding opportunities).

Event Notes:

  • Come with the intention to have your camera on, to speak about yourself and what you’re doing, and to generously listen to the other people who attend

  • You might prepare a nuisance or issue you’re dealing with, a question about your work etc

  • This event is limited to 10 people and won't be recorded.

Facilitator Bio

Marisa Cortright is an architectural worker based in Zagreb. She is currently a Guest Researcher at ArkDes in Stockholm and the Guest Editor of the Avery Review at Columbia University GSAPP. In 2021, she published a book of essays, “‘Can This Be? Surely This Cannot Be?’ Architectural Workers Organizing in Europe" with the VI PER Gallery in Prague.