Ada's List Roundtable with Inge Woudstra - "Is no platforming and cancel culture a solution or a cause for division? Breaking the echochambers"

Jul 14 (Wed), 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time


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Join our first Ada's List Summer Festival Roundtable with Inge Woudstra

No platforming and cancel culture are everywhere. It worries me, as having worked in diversity and inclusion for over 10 years I see they bring division. What do you see? Are they a solution or the problem? What about dialogue? And how to have a dialogue with someone that spreads hateful or wrong ideas?

Yet, being inclusive is being inclusive of all. I will be sharing Matthew Syed’s insights on echo chambers, the dangers, how to avoid being in one, and how to break down the walls of someone else’s. I would love to hear your ideas on if, when and how to apply this in practice. (:

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