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FoM Community - Review 2021

Hosted by Robin Dechant
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The year 2021 is passing by very quickly. We've launched our Future of Manufacturing Community in February this year with the goal to increase knowledge sharing for everyone who is interested in and working on the future of manufacturing.

There is much more we want and can do - still, we're very proud to see that we were able to foster new relationships, organized many learning session together with leading experts in the field and countless discussion about various topics such as MES, piloting, or certain industry news. This would not have been possible without you - thank you so much for being part of it!

Now that the year ends, we'd love to sit down with you to review this year and what you have learned along the way. We'll do an interactive session on Miro and will touch on topics such as:
• how has running pilots evolved in the past 12 months
• the development of ecosystems (eg. IoT) and future platforms (eg. MES)
• the funding climate for industrial startups and relevant acquisitions
• ... any topic of your choice!

​​About the Future of Manufacturing Community
We are a community of tech and industrial experts that explore the future of manufacturing in virtual sessions and community channels by sharing our knowledge.